What are the 7 warning signs of cancer?

July 18, 2020

Dr. Rajesh Bollam


Cancer is a very deadly disease, so it must be diagnosed from an early stage. If cancer is not treated properly from starting of it, then it can even lead to death. Cancer is one of the major causes of death throughout the world. Cancer is of very different types like skin, pancreatic, bladder, and many others. It can be of up to 200 different types.

The growth of cells that are abnormal in the body leads to cancer. This growth of cells is uncontrollable, so it spreads very fast and can damage and infiltrate normal body tissue. So it very important to start the treatment process from an early stage of cancer.

7 warning signs of cancer

Multiple signs can be due to cancer. When cancer starts to grow, it affects nearby body parts such as organs, tissues, and blood vessels in the body, giving rise to certain changes. These changes directly affect your immune system functioning. Although there are various types of cancer, some of the common warning signs and symptoms are

Bladder Changes

One of the changes that occur is in the bladder. Whenever you try to urinate if it pains while doing it, you should go see the doctor immediately. Also, if there is any trouble in urinating regularly, it can be a warning sign too. Sometimes while urinating blood can come out too, consult the doctor immediately because it is not a good sign, and it needs to check.

Appetite loss

Cancer can lead to this change because of the metabolism changes that your body has to go through, and due to this, you feel less hungry. This can be because of stomach, pancreatic, colon, or ovarian cancer because they put pressure on your stomach, and because of this, you feel like you are already full and can’t eat anything else. Even after you eat, you may feel heartburn, indigestion, and acute pain in your stomach, followed by vomiting.

Extreme tiredness

When you have cancer, then this is the most common symptom that you may feel. It is not normal and even sleeping, or takin rest doesn’t make this fatigue go away. You are always tired and you cannot any activity requiring physical work because of the tiredness is also one of the major symptoms as the cancer cells that growing up in your body takes up most of the energy of your body. Consult the doctor immediately and take the necessary treatment required as it can be dangerous for your health.

Neurological problems

Regular headaches, seizures are very common during the early stages of cancer. When cancer cells grow, they affect the nervous system, so be on a close look at any changes in your vision and hearing. Sometimes your face may droop as well. These are all signs of cancer growth in your body.

Skin changes

When your skin doesn’t heal as it used to and starts to look different, then it may be a sign of skin cancer in your body. Your skin may appear yellowish and your eyes a little whiter than usual, also a lump may form, which may bleed and is fleshy. These are all the signs of skin cancer, and you should immediately visit a dermatologist if any of the sign is visible

Fever and Cough that never goes away

If you have a fever or cough, and after taking proper treatment, it still doesn’t go away, then it may be a sign of cancer. Normally during fever, the temperate rises and falls, but if you have cancer, then the spike and fall in temperature may be at the same time. If the temperate is high and it doesn’t go away even after a few days, then immediately consult a doctor.

The same is with the cough. There may be a possibility that you may have flu but if it lasts forever along with chest pain, tiredness, and shortness in a breath, then it may be due to lung cancer. Got to the doctor immediately and take the necessary tests required.

Lump or Swelling

Lumps or swelling in the neck, underarm, or stomach can be due to various reasons like infection and other being mouth, throat, or thyroid cancer. The lump can be a sign of cancer at the early or later stages. But it is not necessary that they form at an early. If the lump or swelling keeps on growing immediately, see your doctor.

In the end

Any change in your body must be told to a doctor. Any symptoms that you see may be due to any reason. But a proper check-up of the boys should be done to be sure about everything.

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